How to build explosive power with Oleksander Usyk (VIDEO)

In this episode you see how Oleksiy Trkhothkiy trained together with the boxing star, the Olympic champion, the Ukrainian, Alexander Usyk. Usyk gives an interview about the secrets of training extremely rarely, and here made practically joint Torokhtiy & Usik masterclass. It was very cognitive to listen to his opinion about training, as Usyk truly feels boxing. It will be told about this much in the film Papachenko about the trainer Anatoly Lomachenko who also put a lot in Alexander’s preparation. Usyk is looking forward to the film. Recently, boxing news suggests that Usyk training is not only boxing and sparring but barbell, dumbbells, strength, and explosive training with heavy weights. First of all, it is connected with a transfer to super heavyweight category. One of the videos on the boxing world weekly channel shows us footage of Usyk highlights where we can see Alexander in a new more powerful body mass quality.

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