Hughie Fury pressures Dave Allen

Peter Fury, father and trainer of heavyweight contender Hughie Fury, says their team is not willing to wait beyond the end of Friday, to finalize a fight agreement with Dave Allen.

The two sides are at odds over the financial aspects. 

“Dave Allen, he offered Hughie out. He wanted it, so he did an interview at first, then Hughie responded and said: ‘You haven’t got to look too far, I’ll accept it.’ We got approached by our team and [they] said: ‘He’s looking for more money Dave, would Hughie take less, so Dave Allen can have more, so we agreed to do that, and now we’re just hearing excuses,” Peter Fury told Sky Sports.

“Maybe they can’t go on this date, it’s all cr-p to us that. We know all the negotiations in the background. Dave Allen has come up in the past, three times at least, to offer to box Hughie, and every time there’s excuses. There’s not going to be a fourth time. If we don’t get confirmation on this by (Friday), Dave Allen will never ever share a ring with Hughie Fury, that’s a promise.”

According to Allen, he will gladly accept the fight if the money is right.

“I was offered the fight last week with an amount me and my team deemed not enough. Since then I personally have received no second offer and have been waiting to hear back some news on the fight chasing it up daily but no success yet,” Allen said.

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