Hughie Fury will fight 4 times in 2019

Trainer and father of british boxer Hughie Fury – Peter, said his son is going to return to world level. He is returning this Saturday versus undefeated Canadian Chris Norrad (17-0, 8 KOs).

The match is at Manchester’s “Victoria Warehouse”.

Peter said: “He’s having four fights this year. He’ll be busy. Then there’ll be three more. Every couple of months, he’ll be out on Channel 5.”

“Channel 5 is a fantastic platform not just for him but for all the young fighters on the undercard. The audience levels are phenomenal because it’s free-to-air.”

“I don’t think the cut bothered him too much since the Pulev fight. He’s had the laser treatment on it and the eye looks absolutely fine. It’s all good and he’s been sparring without problems.”

“It’s all a part of growing up and taking your instructions. A young fighter can make a fight harder than it is. He’s got lots of potential and just has to unlock it.”

“Hughie went into the fight with Pulev injured. Kerry Kayes looked at it and said it would open but we had the fight and we make no complaints. He did the best he could do in a bad situation. He had no vision in one eye and still did the rounds.”

Hughie fought twice last year – amazing stoppage win against Sam Sexton and then Fury was defeated by Bulgarian star Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev.

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