IJF President Marius Vizer satisfied with IOC decision

IJF President Marius L. Vizer is satisfied with the decision of the IOC to postpone the Olympic Games to next year given the current crisis. In his regular twitter session #AskVizer the IJF President reacted.

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IJF President Marius Vizer reacted:

“Wishing everyone in this moment a lot of health and safety, hoping the situation to stabilise as soon as possible. It was a wise decision of the IOC and the Japanese Government, because in that way the question is answered to the athletes and they can be a little more relaxed and plan their future activity so far the COVID19 crisis will be over. Soon the IOC will give us the new guidelines, because the Olympic Qualification for every sport is managed together with the IOC. When the COVID19 crisis will be over, we will be ready with the new strategy.”

Vizer reacted to the question to have the World Championships in 2020 instead of 2021. These World Championships are scheduled in August 2021 in Tashkent (UZB).

Image: БТА

“This is a new situation which we have to deal with, of course, we have to partially reconsider our calendar including the continuity of the Olympic Qualification Events after the mediation of the current situation. The postponement of the Olympic effects the qualification of every Summer Olympic Sport of course. That will be rescheduled according to the joint strategy between the IOC Sports Department with IJF.”

Source: www.judoinside.com

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