Ilyas Boukayoua vs. Ruslan Nasibulin at SENSHI 4

The fifth bout of SENSHI 4 has just been announced and it’s a fight between SENSHI vets.

On October 26 in Varna, the Dutch Ilyas Boukayoua will face the Belarusian Ruslan Nasibulin. Ilyas is one of the finest Dutch fighters and he’s part of Peter Aerts team while Ruslan is a three-time Kyokushin national champion and a Belarussian MMA cup winner.

Boukayoua,22, is one of the four guys the legend Peter Aerts will be bringing to Bulgarian for the fight night. Nasibulin, 26, just like his adversary, will be making their second appearance in SENSHI.

The pair will meet in a -75 kg category fight conducted under the full contact karate Kyokushin rules. Boukayoua’s debut was not a fight he wants to remember. The Dutchman faced one of Bulgaria’s best fighter Bogdan Shumarov at SENSHI 2 back in April and he lost. Nasibulin first appearance under the SENSHI banner was at SENSHI’S Cup this past summer when he won one and lost one.

Which one of these guys about to have his redemption, we’ll find out at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna on October 26. SENSHI 4 will offer to the fans 12 kickboxing and Kyokushin clashes.

You can buy tickets from here:

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