Instant classic: Sam Greco – Mirko Cro Cop K-1 Grand Prix ’99 Semi-Final (VIDEO)

Today we’re going back to the historic 1999 K-1 World Grand Prix once again. After we showed you the Grand Finale of the tournament, now we’ll be focusing on one of the two semi-finals.

Following two KO wins over Mike Bernardo and Musashi, the young and promising Mirko Filipovic was up against none other than Sam Greco himself. Sam made it to the 1/2-finals after two wins on points against Stefan Leko and Ray Sefo.

The other semi-final between Ernesto Hoost and Jerome Le Banner was a show of its own magnitude also, but everybody knew the Cro Cop – Greco fight was going to be legendary.

And they were right, as the Croatian fighter produced one of the most showstopping performances thanks to his brutal kicks.

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