Ishakhneli: The crowd at SENSHI 5 was bombastic!

Russian kyokushin fighter Vitalii Ishakhneli won his fight at the fifth edition of SENSHI in Varna. The current world KWU champ defeated Masaki Fuji with an unanimous decision. The fight was conducted under the KWU Full Contact rules under 95 kg. Here`s what the fighter had to say after the bout.

 Congratulations! It looked like you got angry at your opponent?

Thank you! I dont know. I didn`t expect the fight to go this way. I was not very good today and i was angry at myself. I saw the difference between sparring and the tournament itself.

Fuji took a lot of shots. Did you expect to finish the fight earlier?

The opponent was good and very tough. I gave my best. He believed in the victory and did not want to give up until the very end.

Were you surprised by his stamina?

I think that his spirit was the biggest surprise for me. It`s different when you have to fight a men of that spirit and strength.

How did you feel in the ring? The crowd applauded you really loudly!

The crowd was bombastic. Everything was wonderful. The organization was very high level.

 Can we expect you again at SENSHI?

If they offer me, it would be my pleasure! Thank you su much! See you!


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