Israel Adesanya says he will “slap” Jon Jones at light heavyweight and heavyweight

Israel Adesanya is open to fighting Jon Jones at light heavyweight and heavyweight.

Adesanya and Jones have had a feud for quite some time and many figured Adesanya would move up to challenge “Bones” for his light heavyweight title. However, that is not the case as Jones vacated and now “The Last Stylebender” will face Jan Blachowicz for the light heavyweight title in 2021.
or Adesanya, he knows him fighting for the light heavyweight title is pissing Jones off.

“He is probably loathing and waiting until, I don’t know, I don’t check,” Adesanya said to The Mac Life. “He is loathing. It is rubbing him the wrong way, I know it is rubbing him the wrong way. Say something stupid, he knows I got clips, I’m ready for him.”

If Israel Adesanya goes out and beats Jan Blachowicz to win the light heavyweight title, many believe Jon Jones will move back down. Yet, Bones has said he is focused on a move to heavyweight which the middleweight champion doesn’t think will happen.

“He still hasn’t got a fight matched up, has he?” Adesanya said. “He’s what, taking time to get accustomed to heavyweight. He’s been saying for the last 10 years he can beat any heavyweight, blah, blah, blah.”

Ultimately, Israel Adesanya, he still wants that Jon Jones fight to take place. And, if Bones becomes the heavyweight champion he would fight him at heavyweight after he beats him at 205.

“I’d say the first then the second. If I was waiting (to defend the light heavyweight title) I’ll just go back to 185 and f**k people up there and then if he (Jones) wins the heavyweight belt, I’ll just jump up and take that off him. It would be cool,” Adesanya concluded. “It’s like, oh you took my old toy now I want it back, then comes back down and I’ll slap him across the face.”

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