Jamie Foxx says Mike Tyson biopic is moving forward (VIDEO)

Hollywood’s finest Jamie Foxx will be playing the one and only Mike Tyson in the biopic that has been announced for several years now.

Foxx, 52, is a close friend of “Iron Mike” and he confirmed that the movie is finally moving forwards, statings “It’s a definitive yes”.

“Look, doing biographies is a tough thing,” Foxx said. “Sometimes it takes 20 years to get them done. But we officially got the real ball rolling.”

The Oscar-winning star said he was eager to show audiences the “different lives” of the iconic boxer.

“We want to show everybody evolves,” Foxx said. “I think when we lay the layer of Mike Tyson in this story, I think everybody from young and old will be able to understand this man’s journey.”

Foxx also showed to the camera his bulked physique, saying that he is doing 60 pull-ups, 60 dips, and 100 push-ups “every other day”.

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