Jan Blachowicz: Jones moved to heavyweight to escape Polish power

The new UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz became the 13th fighter in the history of the organization to rule the LH division.

That happened when the Polish defeated Domicnk Reyes at UFC 253. Immediately after his victory, he called out the former rules of the division Jon Jones who vacated the belt.

The two had to fight at some point this year, but “Bones” made the decision to move up to the big boys and Blachowicz believes he’s the reason behind Jones’s move.

“For me, the best opponent would be Jon Jones,” Blachowicz told Submission Radio over the weekend.

Image: БТА

“But I think this is not real. It’s not gonna happen so I think that my next opponent is gonna be the winner between  Teixeira and Thiago Santos. But also, Adesanya also is really good. So we will see. We’ll have to wait a little bit but for me, personally, the best would be Jon Jones. He promised me this fight after I knocked out Corey Anderson and I’m waiting for him. I believe in the future that I’ll catch him somewhere, some day, anywhere.”

“You see what I did with Dominick,” Blachowicz said. “He just escaped because he doesn’t want to lose against me. I understand that. He’s afraid and so he went to heavyweight. . . He just wants to escape from the Legendary Polish Power, that’s why he went to heavyweight. He’s afraid of the Legendary Polish Power.”

The 37-year-old European has only one loss in the last three years. Currently he is on a 4-fights winning streak.

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