Jarrell Miller predicts second-half stoppage of Anthony Joshua

During this media scrum caught by Fight Hub TV, contender Jarrell Miller answers questions about his preparations and expectations for his world title shot against Anthony Joshua on June 1st. Check it out…

Miller on appearing a little lighter than the last time we’ve seen him:

“I’m actually still the same weight…328lbs right now. [We’ll come in lighter for the fight], training hard, running, conditioning — of course we’ll come in lighter. But like I said before…being a big guy is a state of mind…I’ve always been a gym rat. People always say ‘Big Baby this, Big Baby that’ but if you watch my history from the time I was 14, this is all I know.

“People call me the underdog, it’s cool, just because I’m not poppin’ on social media or I’m not a hooligan like some of the other heavyweights…I just speak my mind and get in your face if I wanna fight you. Plain and simple. I’ve never had the crazy promoter with the crazy amount of money like Matchroom and Eddie Heard did…

On what weight he wants to come in at:

“I think somewhere between 295 and 300. I think I felt really strong when I fought Gerald Washington. I felt really strong when I fought Johann Duhaupas. Like I said before, we got a lot of new things that we’re gonna add in training just to keep my awareness sitting high. Because every fight I get guys hurt, but sometimes I don’t pull the trigger right away because I’m too close or I don’t see the combination or shot.”

On if he thinks he has better conditioning that Joshua:

“No, definitely not [Joshua won’t be able to deal with my conditioning later in the fight]. Either way I got him. Either way I got him beat: better chin, better conditioning, more punching.”

On his prediction for the fight:

“Seven to eight rounds, that clown gotta go….Seven to eight rounds, he fades after five.”

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