JSA to start testing wrestlers and stablemasters for COVID-19

The Japan Sumo Association said Monday that antibody testing for the new coronavirus is now available to its roughly 900 members, including wrestlers and stablemasters.

Forty-three people from two stables were tested Monday, with the JSA expecting to complete testing in about a month for everyone in the association who wishes to be tested.

According to sumo elder and JSA public relations manager Shibatayama, around 50 members from two to three stables will be tested each day.

By detecting the presence of antibodies in the blood, the tests give an indication of whether the person being tested has previously been exposed to coronavirus infection.

The testing program follows the death last week of 28-year-old lower-division wrestler Shobushi, whose real name was Kiyotaka Suetake. He is the first sumo wrestler to die from the pneumonia-causing virus.

Source: www.japantimes.co.jp

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