Jazmin Torres: Now I will practice only Combat SAMBO

Colombian Jazmin Torres became the 2021 Pan American champion in Combat SAMBO in the weight category up to 72 kg.

She spoke about weight gain, the impact of the pandemic on training in an interview for the FIAS website.

Jazmin, in the final you had a very bright fight…

– For me this fight really turned out to be very difficult. I participated in an unusual weight category for myself: my usual weight is 67 kg, so I had to gain a little. I understand that in this aspect I was inferior to my rival, it was difficult. And I am especially happy with this victory.


How did you manage to win?

– Through training that was long and hard. I want to thank my SAMBO and Jiu-Jitsu coaches, thanks to them I was able to win.

What was special about this workout?

– Each time we simulated a fight, thought out a strategy, trained to wear. These were training sessions in Combat SAMBO.


How did the pandemic affect the training process? Or was the preparation for the Pan American Championships proceeding as usual?

– Of course, the pandemic affected the training process. The differences were primarily due to the fact that I could only train with my coaches, that is, I did not have sparring partners as such, except for coaches due to the restrictions on the number of athletes in the gym. In this regard, it was rather unusual and even difficult.

Plus the trip to Villavicencio itself, a performance in a sanitary bubble, and a PCR test. All this complicated the preparation process, distracted from the competition, but in the end everything turned out great.

Did the spectators help, because in fact you performed at home?

– Yes, of course, it’s great when the audience supports you. True, sometimes you are so focused on the fight that you don’t hear anyone but your coach. But support is, of course, always important.

Read the full interview HERE.

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