Jenny Sushe: Kubrat Pulev is liar

Jenny Sushe has ceased action against Kubrat Pulev on the back of a recent ruling into an incident of unwanted affection.

The reporter claimed she was kissed and ‘groped on the buttocks’ by Pulev after the Bulgarian fought Bogdan Dinu in March.

Speaking out as the situation fades away, Sushe fired a parting shot at the IBF number one contender.

“I want to make it clear that I have never brought a case,” Ravalo told Bulgaria Today. “We have never been friends. I didn’t agree to the kiss.”

“He lied to the world when he said we were friends while kissing me. It was his first match in the US. Besides, he grabbed my buttocks in the tent after the match.”

On abuse received, she added: “I was silent all the time but I received messages from Pulev’s girlfriend, who followed me at Instagram. She put my hashtags in her posts, saying that I was using the case to become popular.”

“I will not change anything, no matter what I am saying. Bulgarians already have an opinion.”

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