Joanna Jedrezcjyk with new UFC deal – admits it could be the last

Joanna Jedrezcjyk who signed a new six-fight deal with the UFC, talks about the possibility it could be her last contract.

Jedrezcjyk is now 36 and she acknowledged her desire to start a family. She said many times in the past that she wants to retire in the UFC and maybe this moment is close now.
“it could be my last (contract) for sure” she said. “But this fight won’t be my last. I feel a second wind. I am 36 now and never felt so good. Physically, mentally, I am just happy.”

She is still the longest reigning strawweight champion in history but hasn’t held the belt for five years now.

Her next fight is a rematch with Zhang Weili. Their first bout was and still is one of the best MMA fights in the history of MMA. Jedrezcjyk absorbed 170 strikes in five rounds from Weili and lost a close fight.

She set big expectations for the rematch.

“I set my new goals to protect myself more, but I feel like this fight would be even better than the first one.”

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