John Kavanagh unsure of his future with McGregor

Conor Mcregor’s head coach, Joh Kavanagh, claimed it is quite possible that he would refuse helping Conor with the preparation for his next fight in UFC. The irishman confirmed his relationship with McGregor is in a good state, however the ex-MMA champion has to prove to him why stepping in the Octagon again is worth it. Here are Kavanagh’s words:

“I’m not sure if Conor is fighting again. I know him and being in a 2 fight losing streak is difficult for him. He is thirty years old and has kids and whiskey deals, which he makes more money from. Im unsure, because he might consider fighting again in march. He would have to convince me to train him. I love him and everything we have been through, but I would need a solid reason. Why would I do it? If he is willing to fight onlu because the UFC said so I can only wish him good luck and nothing else. He has a wife and two kids and I do not want him to be harmed. Khabib hit him like no other so far. I think even Superman slows down at some point.”

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