Jordan Burroughs vs. David Taylor on January 9

Four-time World and 2012 Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs will kick off 2021 with a bang.

The freestyle will be returning to the mat on January 9 in what could very well be one of the finest wrestling matches in recent history.

Burroughs, 32, will be squaring off against 2018 World champion and two-time Hodge Trophy Award winner David Taylor. This, of course, will be the main event of the evening that is set to produce 10 matches.

Burroughs and Taylor will be wresting at the 86 kilos mark.

Here’s the full card:

86kg: Jordan Burroughs vs David Taylor

76kg: Adeline Gray vs Tamyra Mensah-Stock

97kg: J’den Cox vs Hayden Zillmer

68.9 kg: James Green vs Pat Lugo

65kg: Nahshon Garrett vs Joey McKenna

51kg: Emily Shilson vs Erin Golston

76kg: Evan Wick vs Tyler Berger

64.8 kg: Ethan Lizak vs Matt McDonough

70.3 kg: Mitch McKee vs Tristan Moran

97.5 kg: Nate Jackson vs Wynn Michalak

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