Jordan Burroughs wants “just one MMA fight”

One of the most decorated freestyle wrestler of our time – Jordan Burroughs, isn’t giving up on his desire to participate in a MMA bout.

The 33-year-old American has won everything in the world of wrestling – Olympic gold medal, multiple World championships, Pan American gold medals and etc.

Today Jordan is on the downside of his career and even though he said in the past that he’s not willing to try MMA because of all the hits and strikes, now the living legend has changed his mind.

I feel like I have this calling where I’m like, deep down inside, when it’s all said and done and my body’s banged up for good. And I’m walking away and putting away my wrestling shoes, I’ll always have that thought, like: ‘Damn, what would it be like if I would’ve gotten into the cage?’ And I don’t want to live with regret.

Burroughs has a lot of questions on his mind when it comes to competing in MMA, though:

OK, can we do this? Is this even possible? Will someone even take me on for a singular event? And does it make sense timeline-wise? Does my wife agree with it, number one? And then I think lastly is, can I still be the best wrestler in the world and go out and commit to training for a fight simultaneously? Sometimes when you chase two things, you don’t get either. So I’m hoping that I can still maintain my position in the wrestling world by being the best at what I do, my craft that I intended to be the best at, but also I just have a desire, bro. I just have a strong desire to get in there and see what I’ve got.

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