Jorge Masvidal wants to fight this year but he could also walk away

The UFC’s first and only “BMF” champion has been at odds with the promotion for several weeks now after negotiations for a fight against Kamaru Usman fell apart. Masvidal has complained that the UFC offered him less money for a welterweight title fight than he made against Nate Diaz this past November.

He’s also taken the organization to task over “take it or leave it” style negotiations, which is what ultimately resulted in Masvidal signing a new eight-fight deal prior to the Diaz bout.

According to Masvidal, one of his biggest gripes during recent talks with the UFC comes down to his cut of pay-per-view bonuses, which are only paid out to certain athletes on the roster.

“It’s about how much I’m going to receive from the pay-per-view,” Masvidal said during a recent Instagram Live session. “How much of a share I want from the pay-per-view. That’s one of the main things that I’m fighting about. I don’t feel that cut is fair and I don’t agree with it.”

After more than 15 years competing in the sport, Masvidal understands the business and as much as he loves fighting, he’s not going to do it for less than what he believes he’s worth — and if the UFC doesn’t want to pay, he’s willing to walk away.

“I love to fight and I always get told don’t say that,” Masvidal explained. “Because you know why? They expect me to do it cheap or damn near free. I love to compete in the sport that I do. But I’ve been doing it for a long time. I’ve been in the shadows studying, learning — what makes this guy be able to get that much money? That whole plan, we’ve been doing it for a while.

“We have a formula just like I do for fighting. I have a formula for the business side of it and if they don’t want to pay me what I’m worth, it’s cool. I’m set for life. I don’t have to fight. I fight because I love it.”

During the chat, Masvidal was asked about numerous potential opponents from a rematch with Diaz, a possible showdown with his older brother Nick as well as the long talked about fight with former two-division champion Conor McGregor.

The answer was the same every single time.

“If we get our worth, it doesn’t matter who it is,” Masvidal said. “I fight because I love it. I’ve been doing this, about to be 17 years now, I don’t have to f**king fight. I don’t. I love to do this sh*t but I’m going to get paid every f**king time I do it.

“So if it’s Nate’s ass, whoever it is, it doesn’t matter. Just pay me what the f**k I’m worth. Of course, I would love to f**king to fight with Nate just because I didn’t get to put him to sleep when I wanted to.”

Masvidal hasn’t fought since last year and with the summer UFC cards already booked, it’s not likely he could return to action until at least September.

In a perfect world, he would definitely compete before 2020 is finished but don’t expect to see Masvidal inside the octagon until the UFC comes back to the table ready to pay a price worth his while.

“God willing I’m going to fight this year,” Masvidal said. “What’s not gonna happen is I’m not gonna get played or underpaid. That’s for sure. I have a value, a formula we’ve come up with for what I’m worth and that comes off 16 years of doing this, of seeing the field in and out.

“I’m not some rookie. I’m not some guy handed the title for the first time in my life. I’m been in this position before in different organizations and stuff and we know how to calculate what I bring in. I want a fair share of what I bring in.”

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