Joseph Parker defeats Leapai in a mismatch

Former WBO world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker (26-2) is continuing his march back to the top of the division. The New Zealander put on an impressive performance against the 39-years-old Alex Leapai (32-8-4), getting the W via TKO in the 10th round.

The bout was the co-main event to the WBO middleweight championship bout between Demetrius Andrade and Maciej Sulecki.

The 27-years-old Parker was the superior fighter in all of the 10th rounds, showcasing a lot of speed and aggression, but we have to take in consideration the fact that Australian vet isn’t a real test for a boxer who wants to be recognized as one of the most elite.

Parker was landing whenever he wanted and at times it seemed that the bout could be over, but Leapai showed resilience and toughness. The referee stopped the fight in the 10th round after a battering of 6 unanswered shots to the head from Parker. The decision to stop was a great one, as the clash was not competitive at all and could easily have done harm to Leapai.

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