Josh Thomson retires from MMA

Former UFC and Strikeforce Lightweight contender – Josh Thomson, has announced his official retirement from mixed martial arts (MMA) after fighting professionally for 16 years.

“I can say that I’m officially retired,” Thomson began during a chat wit “Big” John McCarthy on the Weighing In Show.

“I realized I was taking more shots than I should be taking,” Thomson said as transcribed by “I don’t want to live that lifestyle. I don’t want to be in there and be a punching bag to anybody. I was taking more damage in training, too.”

“That’s the thing, people only see the ones you take in the fight,” Thomson continued. “They don’t realize that you’re taking more shots in training, too. There’s young, talented studs in my gym.”

“Those guys are whooping your ass too, it’s not just the one guy in the cage that you’re fighting. It’s the lead-up to it. It’s all the other shots you take in there. That’s the hardest part.”

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