Joshua Buatsi stops Marko Calic in seventh round

Britain’s Joshua Buatsi is still undefeated after his last night bout against Croatia’s Marko Calic.

Buatsi defeated his adversary via KO in the seventh round with both fighters giving all they had and producing a top-notch light heavyweight fight.

The fight took place at Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes with the WBA International Light heavyweight title being on the line.

Buatsi, 27, had to dig deep in order to get the W. The Balkan boxer was super aggressive in the opening rounds, landing big right hands and putting Buatsi on his back foot in the very first part.

Calic was undaunted by the Brit’s revered reputation, ramming in more stiff right hands in the second during a worrying opening for Buatsi.

There was greater cause for concern in the third as Calic regularly breached the defences of Buatsi, who was left with a badly swollen left eye.

Still, the Brit managed to stay on his feet and finally started hitting his opponent with some big body shots that got Calic to step back.

Calic stood firm in the sixth, with both men trading crunching punches from close range, but Buatsi ended the fight with a ruthless assault in the next.

A massive right hand sent shockwaves through the legs of Calic, who received a count, and the towel was thrown in by his corner after a further barrage from Buatsi, who revealed that his opponent suffered a suspected broken jaw.

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