JSA formally announced plans for Grand Sumo

The JSA formally announced plans for Grand Sumo, a special two-day exhibition to be held on Aug. 12-13 between the Olympics and Paralympics.

The two-day tournament, which will replace the (regional tour) that is traditionally held between July’s Nagoya Basho and September’s Autumn Basho.

“During the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, people from all over the world will be focused on Tokyo and Japanese culture will receive unprecedented interest,” JSA Chairman Hakkaku said. “We hope that Grand Sumo will enhance friendship with the world and contribute to international cultural exchange.”

“It will be a great opportunity for all people, including those outside Japan, to know the wonderful and exciting aspects of Japan’s national sport, sumo,” said Tokyo 2020 Vice President Toshiaki Endo.

“It will also be a friendly event for those with physical disabilities, and I’m sure it will offer positive momentum heading into the Paralympic Games.”

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