Judo Austria is looking for new coaches

Judo Austria is planning ahead and making rearrangements for the period until Olympic Games 2024 in Paris.

The National Federation is currently looking for coaching staff for their teams for the next Olympic Cycle.

“We want to raise Judo Austria’s level – with the best mix of national and international experts,” says Martin Poiger, President of Judo Austria.

“The course for the next Olympic Cycle needs to be set by now, the postponement of Olympic Games until next year will not interfere with this,” underlines Markus Moser, Sport Director of Judo Austria.

The vacancies currently open are for the follwowing positions:

National Coach (male or female) Elite

National Coach (male or female) U21/U23

National Coach (male or female) U16/U18

Performance Centre Coach (male or female) Südstadt


New contracts will be valid from November 2020 on.

“One of the main goals of the strategy 2024 is to provide the best possible support and infrastructure for our athletes. Our last Olympic Medal dates back to 2008 when Ludwig Paischer won Silver. As one of the most successful Olympic Summer Sports of Austria, it is our ambition to constantly appear in the medal table,” explains Martin Poiger.

“This doesn’t mean that we need to reinvent the wheel and to change everything. Clearly, this would be the wrong approach. We want to keep local knowledge, but we will also require a fresh breeze coming from international experts. The ideal balance between consistency and improvement needs to be found.”

It’s possible to apply for the following positions until September 6th via e-mail to jobs@judoaustria-at

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