Julian Williams dethrones Jarret Hurd, “Swift” wants a rematch (VIDEO)

Julian Williams (27-1-1) is the new IBO, WBA “Super” and IBF super welterweight champion following his W over Jarret Hurd (23-1-0) this past weekend in Fairfax, USA.

Image: БТА

The 29-years-old Williams won via UD, pushing his winning streak to 5 in a row. Immediately after the fight, “Swift” vowed for a rematch, but the 28-years-old American will need some time to recover from the beating he took and most importantly to rethink his strategy and his cardio work.

“J-Rock” was way more active and dangerous during the 12 rounds of action and thanks to his mobility and “phone booth style” fighting he managed to secure the win. Hurd punching power was nowhere to be found, neither was his jab game. The former champion couldn’t move fast enough and the challenger was the one dictating the pace of the fight, landing nice body shots from all type of angles.

Image: БТА

Hurd landed 249 of 800 shots for a 31 percent connect rate, according to CompuBox’s statistics for the fight. Williams landed at a considerably higher rate in connecting on 273 of 687 punches for a whopping 40% connect percentage. It wasn’t just Williams’ higher connect percentage and more punches landed, it was the power in the shots. Williams was hitting Hurd with more authority than he was hitting him back.

After the final bell, the judges scored the fight 116-111, 115-112, and 115-112 in favor of Williams.


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