Junior dos Santos appeared on Brazil’s Dancing With The Stars

Former Heavyweight UFC champion – Junior dos Santos, continued to show his light-hearted side last night, when he made his debut on Brazil’s “Dancing With The Stars”.

He is one of the most affable men on the roster. The good-natured pugilist has sang in post-fight interviews and once gave a rendition of “Purple Rain” while in Minneapolis — he’s just a fun guy!

The judges adored the big man’s performance, awarding him 58,4 points out of 60 possible, which includes four perfect scores. Furthermore, as Paige VanZant proved in 2016, “Dancing With The Stars” is a huge moneymaker that can expose a fighter to a much wider audience.

Given some of the damage he’s absorbed over the years, it’s great to see Junior dos Santos having fun and being productive while recovering!

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