Junior dos Santos: I gave Ngannou that win (VIDEO)

Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos (21-6) was going to his UFC Minneapolis fight with Francis Ngannou (14-3) talking about a title shot, but “Cigano” plans had to be restructured after his first-round TKO loss to “The Predator”.

The 35-year-old vet was nothing short of upset in his post-fight interview, stating that he feels like he gave away his adversary the victory.

“I don’t want to take any credit away from him, but I kind of gave him that victory,” dos Santos said,” Because why did I throw that overhand right and got closer to him, gave him the chance to answer. Because that’s what he does. Every time you miss a punch on him, he’s right there to reply to that.

“It was a big mistake.”

The Brazilian did give credit where it was due and wished for a rematch with the 32-years-old French.

“He deserves this win. Like I said, he’s an excellent representative for this division. A big guy with a lot of power, the type of guy that I like to watch.

“So, to tell you the truth, I can’t wait to face him again.”

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