Junior Dos Santos still wants another UFC title

Junior Dos Santos is well known fighter and warrior. The Brazilian is one of the most popular MMA fighters on Earth, and has a well-earned reputation.

Dos Santos is going right back to work to prove that his name still belongs in discussion of the most elite fighters at heavyweight.

“Sometimes, you know, it’s not your day – things don’t happen the way you want,” Dos Santos told MMA Junkie after a Wednesday open workout session. “And what? Are you going to cry for that? C’mon. Keep moving forward – that’s what I’m doing. I believe in me. I can see the truth I see in my head. You guys would be amazed, and that’s what I’m trying to show you guys. That’s why I am here. I really believe I deserve the top of this division, and I will get it. I got there once, I’ll get there again.”


“I was coming from two, three great victories and supposed to fight for the title again, and then I got someone who is coming from a good moment, too, with a lot of power. Francis Ngannou has a lot of power. He got the victory that night – he was better than me that night. But I am here to have that rematch and prove that I am better than him.”

“I think they both are phenomenal fighters, but I don’t think they should do this fight now,” Dos Santos said. “I think they should fight again (against other opponents), so then they could have this third fight – because it doesn’t really make sense. But it is on the UFC. Whatever they say they, we have to follow. But I don’t think it is right. I think they should do one more fight, then fight again if they keep the position they earned right now.”

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