Kamaru Usman: Woodley is holding himself back

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman believes the former titleholder Tyron Woodley is not doing the right things for his career.

The Nigerian who defeated Woodley in 2019 with a flawless performance, as “The Chosen One” had no answer for Usman.

According to the 32-year-old Usman, Woodley’s inactivity and cherry-picking his opponents will eventually come back to haunt him.

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“This whole situation has kind of thrown a damper on things, but I feel like Tyron is holding himself back for god knows what,” Usman told MMA Fighting. “Cause you’re not getting any younger. You’re a talented guy. You’ve got a lot of skills. The only way for you to get back to the title is just to fight.

“Fight, guys. It doesn’t matter who you fight. Say yes to everybody. Go out there and fight, and I know he’s not saying yes to everybody.

“But say yes to anyone that they throw in front of you, and you go out there and knock out enough guys, guess what? They have no choice but to give you a title shot. This whole pick and choose who you want, this and that, that’s not working for you. Because the only thing you’re wasting is time.”

Immediately after losing the title, Woodley believed an immediate rematch could be warranted considering he was a multi-time defending champion. Unfortunately, he never got that opportunity, and he’s been stuck on the sidelines ever since.

Source: www.mmafighting.com

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