Karate is getting closer to the Olympic games

Президентът на Световната федерация по карате Антонио Еспинос участва в среща на Парламентарната група на Япония, която обсъжда въпроси свързани с подготовката за Олимпийските игри в Токио през 2020 година.

The President of the World Karate Federation Antonio Espinos participated in a meeting in Japan for the upcoming Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020.

During the meeting the possibilities for karate to be involved in the Olympic games at Paris, 2024 were discussed.

“Karate reached unexpected heights. We highly value everyone’s contribution to the developement of this sport. The support and efforts of Japan’s parliament are vital for reaching our goals and creating a brighter future for karate. We believe, that our main goal is feasible – karate’s participation in the Olympic games in Paris, 2024.”, said Espinos.

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