Kash Ali thrown out after biting David Price (VIDEO)

Yesterday fight between the Brit heavyweights David Price (24-6-0) and Kash Ali (15-1-0) won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Not because of some great boxing skills or heavy exchanges, but because the 27-year-old Ali went full Mike Tyson mode in the 5th round when he bit his fellow countryman while both fighters were on the ground.

Ali bit Price several times in the opening rounds, but the referee did not stop the fight. Surprisingly or not, Kash Ali was more active than his rival and the Birmingham native did a good job on the inside, landing some nice body shots.

The shocking moment came in the 5th round when a usual clinch became a super effective takedown in favor of Ali and both fighters went straight to the canvas. As Ali’s head was on the stomach of Price, the tall Englishman said that his opponent bit him and that was more than enough for Mark Lyson to call the fight off.

Ali was undefeated until yesterday and now he’ll be waiting a week or two to find out his punishment from the BBBofC.

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