Katie Taylor beats Karen Carabajal to retain world titles

WBA, WBC, WBO & IBF World Female Lightweight champion Katie Taylor defended her unified titles, defeating previously unbeaten South American champion Karen Carabajal of Argentina over ten rounds (100-91, 99-91, 98-92).

The fight took place in London, UK.

 In the first round, Taylor used an effective jab to control the round being the aggressor. In the second round, Taylor decided to move around the ring and counter Carabajal. In the third round, midway, Taylor landed a solid right to the chin of the taller Carabajal.

In the fourth round, first minute Taylor had Carabajal in the corner, landing a swarm of punches until Carabajal fought her way out.

In the fifth round, Taylor played the counterpuncher twice, landing solid punches first a left hook to the chin, and in the final minute a right to the chin of Carabajal. In the sixth and seventh rounds, Taylor looked for the big punch, but Carabajal, with a long reach and a decent jab, made it difficult to get in clean shots to the chin.

In the eighth round’s final seconds, Taylor landed a left hook to the chin knocking Carabajal back a few steps. In the ninth round, the unbeaten South American champ Carabajal knowing she is behind in the fight, becomes a bit more aggressive in the final twenty seconds landing a double left hook. In the final seconds, a clash of heads caused a cut on the right eyebrow of Carabajal.

In the tenth and final round, with blood streaming down the side of her face, Carabajal never stopped trying, but Taylor had the better hand speed and power to outfight her down to the bell.

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