Khabib not giving up on GSP fight

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (27-0) is just a week away from defending his crown against the Interim champion Dustin Poirier (25-5) at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi.

“The Eagle” hasn’t fought since last October and everybody is waiting for his anticipated return to the Octagon. However, he still has his sights set on facing the former two-division  UFC champion Georges St-Pierre.

The Canadian retired from the mixed martial arts last year. One of the reasons the 38-year-old “Rush” did so was because he was frustrated that UFC wasn’t willing to put him in a mega-fight against Nurmagomedov. Khabib has also been vocal in the past months that a clash with GSP is something he always dreamed of, and now he even went further saying where this fight should take place.

“Can you imagine if this happened in Montreal. 55,000 seats — like a stadium. Or in Moscow, 80,000 at a big stadium in Moscow. I think this fight has to happen in Canada or Russia. We can sell out a stadium, 100%.”

“Georges St-Pierre has a big name, I am the champion,” he said. “Why not? We can do whatever we want. This is UFC, this is not NBA or soccer. This is UFC. We can do whatever we want because of the two names — me vs. Georges St-Pierre. We can do this.

“Dustin Poirier or Tony Ferguson, they can’t do this. Right now, this is my time. I can do this. If a guy builds a name and becomes a very big star, they can do this, as Conor did with Mayweather. When you have a big name when your opponent has a big name, you guys are very popular, you guys can do whatever you want.”

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