Korea Sambo Federation decided to conduct Nationals in a new format

The Korea SAMBO Federation decided to conduct National Championships in a new format: separately, by several weight categories.

The reason is common these days -the continued COVID-19 threat.

The leadership of the national federation believes that such a format can minimize COVID-19 infection risk and possible negative outcome.

“We follow government recommendations and requirements in COVID-19 prevention, but total lack of SAMBO events affecting negatively on national sambo development”, President of KSF Mun Seongcheon said.

“To keep Korean sambists in shape we decided to conduct National SAMBO Championships while ensuring participants’ maximum safety and respecting all current restrictions in the country.”

Competitions will take place in several clubs without spectators on every Saturday from the 7th of August.

Athletes in the waiting area must wear masks. Only competing athletes, referee and video operator will be in the competition area.

Indoor disinfection is mandatory before and after morning and afternoon stages.

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