Kovalev promises interesting fight with Canelo

WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev expects an interesting fight agains Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, who challenges him after moving up two weight classes.

“The fight is gonna be very interesting – believe me – because two fighters with the same mentality are fighting each other. I never take a step back and he never takes a step back. It’s interesting. Who will be smarter? Who will be the winner? We will see November 2nd. First all of all, I thought he was kidding me. My manager said to me, ‘Hey, Canelo is interested in a fight with you.’ Like, ‘Really? OK. What’s the weight?’, ‘In your weight. Light heavyweight division.’ I said: ‘No. That’s not right. You’re kidding me’, ‘No, it’s real’, ‘If it’s real, put a contract and sign it and I’ll go.’ And then maybe two, three weeks, like it stopped about this, speaking. And then again, somewhere like, ‘Yeah, I told you like Canelo, like again, interested.’ I said: ‘Come on. OK’.”, Kovalev told BoxingScene.com.

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