Kristiyan Doychev with another impressive SENSHI win

Bulgaria’s Kristiyan Doychev marked his SENSHI 8 appearance with yet another great overall performance and a fresh victory.

He defeated Russia’s David Bitkash in their encounter that got conducted under the KWU SENSHI rules in the 85 kg category.

The event took place at Hotel “Marinela” in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the 31-year-old Russian was making his SENSHI debut.

Doychev was the aggressor at the beginning of the bout, looking to land the harder and the cleaner low kicks and punches. The young Bulgarian Kyokushin star was landing good shots to the body of his opponent, as the Russian was unable to work with the distance.

The second part started almost the same way the first one did. Doychev was doing the better things, managing to break Bitkash’s defense from the inside. At the end of the round, Bitkash ate a beautiful right hook that rocked him pretty good and the ref counted him into a knockdown.

David showcased his granite chin as he was taking everything from Doychev, but refusing to fall down and not get back. In the end, the Bulgarian got the W via UD.

SENSHI 8 is being conducted with the assistance of the KWU International Professional League, chaired by Shihan Ivo Kamenov, as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance JSC, MAX Sport, Bulgaria AIR and BMW-M car.

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