Kubrat Pulev completed the sexual harassment training

Kubrat Pulev has completed the sexual harassment training, as suggested by The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

The boxing star was advised to do so if he wants to regain his license for the state after it’s suspension following his infamous kiss in a post fight interview with the reporter Jennifer Ravalo known as Jenny Sushe.

„Last week I completed an impactful 2 (two) hour sexual harassment training facilitated by UNLV’s Title IX and Sexual Harassment expert, Mr. Barrett Morris and his Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Sara Wattenberg.

The training made me better understand that the incident that took place on March 23d, between myself and journalist Jenny Ravalo was completely inappropriate.

Today, as I continue to fulfill my obligations to undergo the necessary trainings and corrective action measures needed to reinstate my California Boxing License. I want to be sure to let all my fans know, I made a mistake and I was wrong. I will continue to take full accountability for my actions.

To that end, I want to again sincerely apologize to reporter Jenny Ravalo.

Lastly, one of the many lessons that I took away from Mr. Morris’s training was that I need to be very clear with my friends, family and fans that I do not condone any negative remarks made about Ms. Ravalo in connection with this issue. To that end, please refrain from posting any disparaging remarks about Ms. Ravalo on of my social media outlets, videos or other forms of media.

Thank you all!“, Kubrat wrote on Facebook.

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