Kubrat Pulev: I must win

Bulgaria’s best heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev (26-1-0) is just a couple of days away from making his US debut. This Saturday night in Costa Mesa, California the Bulgarian will go one-on-one with Romania’s most notable heavyweight – Bogdan Dinu (18-1-0).

Here is what “The Cobra” had to say before the anticipated bout:

“I feel great. I’m pumped up, I’m in good health and my fighting spirit is on the rise. I met with the Bulgarian community here and I’m all charged up. I know they got my back and they want me to win badly.

I’m here with my head coach – Uli Wagner. We are doing work in the Top Rank gym. Our methods are slightly changed, because the conception is different. I’m guessing Dinu is already here, I’m not sure though.

I’m good. The whole Top Rank team is helping me out. All the people here are disciplined and they count on each other. As of this moment, I haven’t been in “The Hangar”, but they told me the hall is sold out. It will be an amazing show.

I came here before a month and now I’m acclimated. The first week was tough, but now everything is fine.

To be honest, I did not have the opportunity to go to the beach. I have a strict schedule and I don’t have spare time. Maybe after the fight.

I’m focused on the bout. Every fight is a must-win for me. I have no other options.

That’s the first time a Bulgarian is doing something with that magnitude here and this is giving me some extra motivation.

I think the people who are coming to the fight will get their money worth. For me, it doesn’t matter who I’m facing. I’ve already said that. I can smash everybody. I know what I’m capable of and when I’m fully prepared, there is nothing I can’t do”, the 37-year-old said.

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