Kubrat Pulev will face Bogdan Dinu

One day after heavyweight Bogdan Dinu rejected an offer to fight bulgarian Kubrat Pulev, he changed his minds and signed for the fight on Thursday, Dinu co-promoter Greg Cohen told ESPN.

Pulev and Dinu will meet in a scheduled 10-round fight that will headline the “Top Rank Boxing on ESPN” card on March 23.

“After speaking with my co-promoter [Sorin Florea of Kings Promotion] in [Dinu’s native] Romania, it was more of a misunderstanding than them not wanting to fight,” Cohen said. “It was a language issue. We had been texting with each other. Once we got on the phone we were able to hash it out pretty quickly. We let Top Rank know and signed the contract. Dinu is looking forward to coming back to America to fight Pulev.”

“If he beats Pulev, he writes his own ticket because it would be a huge win. I know they fought in the amateurs. Dinu is from Romania, Pulev is from Bulgaria. It’s like if it was New York versus New Jersey in the U.S. They’re very familiar with each other and Dinu is really confident.”

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