Kwint: Кickboxing is now a mainstream sport in the Netherlands

The spokesman of Netherlands Combat Sports Authority (NVA) Peter Kwint is happy about the results of GLORY: COLLISION 2, headlined by Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari.

The event took place on December 21 at the Gelredome soccer stadium in Arnhem, Netherlands, and was found to have satisfied or exceeded the required standards in each category:

– Public Order and Safety, Athlete Safety, “Fair Play”, Good Governance and Financial Transparency.

“GLORY Kickboxing produced a Champions League-level event, drawing even a bigger TV audience in our country than the world championships of cycling and speed-skating, traditionally some of the biggest sports after football here,” said Peter Kwint, NVA spokesman.

“This event underlined that kickboxing is now a main stream sport in The Netherlands. GLORY set a new standard for combat sports.”

Attended by a sold-out crowd of 31 000 spectators, COLLISION 2 peaked with 3.5 million live television viewers to become one of the most-watched live sports events in the history of Dutch broadcasting.

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