KWU presented the stunning medals for the upcoming World Championship (PHOTOS)

The big winners of the upcoming  KWUCHAMP 2019 will be awarded not only with cash prizes, but with one of a kind medals.  The prize winner medal which features a gold, silver and bronze Kanku in the shape of championship logo on one side and 1, 2 or 3 place on the other is set onto a clear acrylic mineral base. And all this with a beautiful ribbon in the colors of Kazakhstan.

The medals were presented at a a press conference with the Chairman for Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sapiev Serik Zhumangalievich, President of the Republican National Federation of Kyokushinkaikan Karate Oksikbaev Omarkhan Nurtayevich, President of the International Kyokushinkan Karate Organization Kancho Hatsuo Royama, IFK Vice President Shihan David Pickthall and Secretary-general of KWU Alexandr Pichkunov.

At the same time the official weigh-ins were held. The new world champions among men and women in weight categories will be crowned on December 7-8, 2019, in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan at Martial Arts palace Jekpe-Jek. The champions will receive 3 000 USD prize, the runner-ups 1 500 USD, and the bronze medalists 750 USD.

Images: Nadya Petrova/KWU

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