Last minute replacements at SENSHI

The fight card at the first event of the newest professional K-1 and Muay Thai organization in Bulgaria has underwent some last-minute changes.

Due to injury in the right hand Anton Petrov did not receive medical clearence to fight against the greek Atanasios Kukuphikis.

The Muay Thai bout will be replaced by a karakt kyokushin contest under the rules ot KWU – International Professional League. The bout is scheduled for three two-minute rounds. The European champion from Varna 2018 Kristiyan Doichev will step up against the multiple-times boxing champion and national kyokushin champion Stoyan Ilchev.

Due to illness Yodan Yankov had to be substituted by Lybo Jalovi from Serbia on a very short notice. After the latest changes there will be 10 K-1 bouts and a single kyokushin bout.

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