Lee Haney – TotaLee Awesome (VIDEO)

It’s probably one of the corniest nicknames you’ll ever hear, but we think it was underestimation how awesome Lee Haney really was back in his prime days.

What’s there to say – human specimen like nonother. Mr. Haney is an 8-time Mr. Olympia, tied for most with some other dude named Ronnie Coleman.

Born in 1959, Haney wins Mr. Teen America at 20 years of age. His spectacular physique makes him one of the top dogs in the industry. He is number one in the world for a period of 8 straight years, dominating every competition he attends.

Lee is best known for his explosive chest workouts, as his chest routine was just something else.

“I never needed a machine to train my chest. Barbells, dumbbells, dipping bars–those are the basics. About as fancy as I got was a cable crossover machine. But really what builds chest muscle is working the barbell and dumbbell presses and flyes. You just can’t improve on those basic exercises”, Haney says.

He stands 180 cm and weighed 118 kg in the Off-Season and 104-113 kg during the competition period. His chest size was 142 cm.

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