Lennox Lewis and George Foreman on the Joshua – Ruiz fight (VIDEO)

One of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport – George Foreman (76-5) and Lennox Lewis (41-2-1) gave their opinions on the upcoming fight between the current WBA “Super”, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (22-0-0) and the American Andy Ruiz Jr. (32-1).

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The two former champions are in Las Vegas to watch the fight between “Canelo” Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs this evening, but they both shared their minds for the June 1 fight at Madison Square Garden.

Lewis, 53, says he likes the matchup, even if it’s not what was wanted at this time.

“You know what? I think that’s a good fight. Andy has some heavy hands. The experience level, he’s lacking that a little bit, but they need a fight right now and Andy stood up for it,” Lewis said. “It’s not what you want, not what he wanted, but I don’t even know what the plan is with them, so I can’t really comment on it.”

The 70-years-old Foreman is one of the biggest Joshua’s fans out there, but he believes these fight won’t be a walk down the park for the Brit.

“This Joshua is really some fantastic fighter. He’s an athlete, too. He’s not only big — forget about being big, you can be a giant and you can’t have the kind of talent that Anthony Joshua has,” Foreman said. “It’s gonna be hard to beat him. Ruiz needed to be fighting that style of fighter for the last two years and he hasn’t. He’s gonna give a good fight because he’s not a quitter, and I think the heavyweight division needs such a fight.”

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