Logan Paul boxing return coming in winter 2020

Logan Paul, the 25-year-old YouTube celebrity who made a pro boxing debut in Nov. 2019, losing a controversial decision to fellow YouTuber KSI, is planning a return to the ring this winter.

Paul (0-1, 0 KO) doesn’t have a named opponent yet, nor a fight date, but his press release says his return will be part of a “major event” that will “capture the interest of both hardcore and casual fans of the sweet science.”

“I’m excited to hop back in the ring but win this time around,” Paul said, and he added, “Fuck you, Jack Reese,” referring to the referee who controversially docked two points from Paul in his loss to KSI, which ultimately cost him the six-round fight. Had he not been penalized for hitting KSI when KSI was down, Paul would have won the fight by split decision.

Earlier this year, there was talk of Paul potentially fighting (former?) NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown, but nothing came of it despite Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn having some interest in putting that bout on. Logan’s brother Jake Paul and KSI were also considered likely to fight, but the coronavirus pandemic and the tightening of purse strings across the sport appears to have taken Hearn and streaming partner DAZN out of the YouTuber game for the time being.

Brother Jake is set to face former NBA player Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr pay-per-view which is definitely going to happen in November. Logan could, in theory, be part of that — it would be a “major event” — but it doesn’t appear as though he will be, as he’s partnered with different people for his potential return to the ring.

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