Lomachenko picks Luke Campbell to beat Ryan Garcia

Former unified lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko knows pretty well what it takes to beat Luke Campbell and obviously he doesn’t believe Ryan Garcia has it.

Campbell and Garcia fighting this upcoming Saturday night in Dallas, USA. The 33-year-old Brit hasn’t fought since August 2019 when “Hi-Tech” defeated him and took away his WBA “Super” lightweight belt.

Image: БТА

Garcia, 22, was last seen inside the ring in February 2020 when he KO’d Francisco Fonseca.

Even though it’s a close fight, the Ukrainian two-time Olympic champion believes Campbell’s experience will be the factor that decides the outcome of the bout.

“I think Campbell is going to win,” Lomachenko said. “Campbell just recovered from COVID.

“It really just depends on how badly the Corona affected him. No one really knows. Ultimately, it’s a respiratory virus that affects the lungs.

“It affects one’s stamina and physical ability. So it really depends on whether it would have any lasting effects. If he’s healthy, fully recovered, and comes back 100%, I think he will beat Garcia.

“Yes, he is fast and sharp,” Lomachenko said about Ryan Garcia. “I won’t deny that. No, no, no, of course, not,” Loma said when asked if Ryan has improved since he sparred with him in the past.

“His speed, his signature punch is his left hook,” Loma said about Ryan Garcia’s primary weapon. “He is very fast with that only works with the type of opponents he has already fought.

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