Lucas Tryfonos beats Siarhei Charnetski at SENSHI 12

Cyprus’ Lucas Tryfonos will surely remember his first SENSHI appearance. The 22-year-oldfighter defeated Siarhei Charnetski at SENSHI 12 this past Saturday night, securing the W via doctor stoppage in the second round of the the third bout of the fight card of the special “Beach edition” SENSHI.

The fight was conducted under the KWU SENSHI rules in the 75 kg category. The bout was stopped in the second round when the 24-year-old Charnetski got cut and the ringside doctor didn’t let him continue the fight.

Both fighters started with extreme cautious, but as time went by, they started initiating the contact and the exchanges. Charnetski was fighting on the inside with no regards, landing good body shots while Tryfonos was marking him with hard body kicks. In the middle of the first round Charnetski landed a clean right hook to the head of Lucas and the fighter from Cyprus got dropped, but managed to beat the count of senpai Nikolay Atanasov.

Even though Tryfonos was the first to touch the canvas, he started the second round with vengeance and great strategy – to put the pressure on Siarhei and to mix the levels. The pace of the fight was tremendous with both fighters’ kick echoing in the sea.

Less than a minute before the end of the round, Tryfonos landed a stunning right elbow to the forehead of Charnetski which cut him open. Senpai Atanasov acted quickly and stopped the fight in order for Siarhei’s wound to be checked by the doctor. Unfortunately for Charnetski, the doctor said he couldn’t continue the fight and Tryfonos got the TKO victory.

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