Luke Campbell: When I start really hurting Ryan Garcia, he won’t want to be there

As lightweight contender Luke Campbell prepares for his December 5th showdown with Ryan Garcia, Campbell takes some time to chat with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV about his training camp and expectations for the bout. Check out some excerpts from the interview below…

Campbell on how his training camp is coming along:

“Everything’s going great. Preparation so far has been fantastic and I’m really in a great place. I’m really happy with the progress and everything’s on track.”

On coming to fight Garcia in America during the COVID outbreak:

“I’ve not even thought about it. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I mean, I really like America so for me, I get out the cold and go to the heat. I’ve literally not thought about it at all but I’m excited if anything.”

On how he’s changed his training to prepare for Garcia:

“The training camps always get smarter, wiser, and we adapt and we’re more efficient and we work hard and that’s literally it. I’m having a fantastic camp so far so everything’s great.”

On facing Garcia rather than Javier Fortuna:

“It makes no difference to me. Obviously they’re both completely different styles and anybody at top level is dangerous anyhow so it literally makes no difference to me. Obviously beating Garcia, much bigger name so it’s a much better scalp on my record for when I beat him.”

On what he makes of Garcia as a fighter right now:

“I don’t really care, to be honest. I don’t really care about his previous opponents. I mean, it makes no difference to me because honestly, he’s fighting me now…”

On if he was surprised that Garcia really wanted this fight with him:

“Let’s remember, I’m not a fan. I’m a fighter.”

On if Garcia presents a dynamic he’s not yet encountered before:

“I’ve not really watched him. I mean, I know he’s fast, I know he’s got fast hands and he looks like he carries power but I’ve never really watched him fight, no.

“I don’t see the point because whatever he’s done to previous opponents, that wasn’t me, he didn’t do that to me. My coach will watch him and I will go off and literally do whatever he tells me to do.”

On what he thinks when Garcia says he’ll knock him out:

“I feel like when I start hitting him, really hurting him, he’s not gonna want to be there, and I will knock him out there.”

On why he’s so confident he’ll stop Garcia:

“I just believe in me. I believe in what I’ve got, I believe I’m performing better than I’ve ever performed and I’m literally in a fantastic place physically and mentally. And I want to go in there and showcase to the world what I can do and what I’ve got and he’s a great opponent to do it against.”

On how he’s improved since the Lomachenko fight:

“I look at that fight, seeing it and believing I can be so much better than that with just a few adjustments in my style and a few tweaks here and there. I believe I can be a so much better fighter and that’s what I am today.”

On how he thinks the Garcia fight will play out:

“It don’t matter. What I’ve said is what I believe. It doesn’t particularly matter which way it is or what round — I don’t have to play out round for round. It’s just what I believe is gonna happen.”

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