Mairis Briedis decisions Dorticos to win the WBSS tournament

Latvia’s Mairis Briedis is the new cruiserweight king following last night’s win over Cuba’s Yuniel Dorticos.

Briedis defeated the Cuban and claimed the IBF world title, the Ring magazine title, and the Muhammed Ali trophy that is being awarded to the winners of the World Boxing Super Series tournament.

The fight took place in Munich and lasted the whole 12 rounds, as Briedis got the W via MD (117-111, 114-114, and 117-111).

The least one could say it was a pretty close fight. Both guys relied on their tactics and strategies with neither one of them trying to do something extra. Unfortunately, there were a lot of times nothing was happening, as both fighters were methodical and didn’t want to engage often.

The 35-year-old European used his double jab to perfection and he managed to get some opening to land the uppercut, but Dorticos was quick to counter-attack with a jab of its own. Still, Mairis seemed to be the faster fighter as he was more elusive and slick.

In the final rounds, Yuniel seemed to have control of the bout, but again Briedis was the one landing the clear shots, as Dorticos’s tactic was to hurt his adversary with shots to the body.

The Cuban couldn’t make a final run for the KO and 117-111 could be 115-113 or 116-112, but in the end, Briedis deserved the W a little bit more than his opponent.

The fight marked the end of the second season of WBSS.

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