Manny Pacquiao – Amir Khan expected to happen in 2019!

Amir Khan wants a blog buster clash with Manny Pacquiao and says the battle is closer to happening than ever. 

Khan makes boxing history when he takes on Goyat in the first ever Pakistani-India showdown in the boxing ring on Friday 12th July at the King Abdullah Sport City in Jeddah.

In front of a gym packed with national media, Khan was put through his paces by new trainers Alex Ariza and Clarence “Bones” Adams. He went through a session that included shadow boxing, pads and skipping, informs “WBN”.

Afterwards, Khan spoke to the media and talked of a potential blockbuster with the legendary Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East. That’s provided he beats Goyat and Pacman beats Keith Thurman next month.

Khan said, “I’d love to do that fight. It’s one of the reasons I’ve taken the fight (with Goyat) as I know there’s a bigger picture.”

“There’s always talk about Manny. There has been more talk about it lately. Let’s hope he wins against Thurman, I win against Goyat and we can move forward front there.”

On possibly retiring himself, Khan added: “I have this fight and then it could Manny, that would be a great way to finish.”

“I’m not taking my eye off Goyat though, I know that I can’t be complacent. I need to beat him,” he concluded.

“I think Manny Pacquiao v Keith Thurman is a good fight. For me, I just don’t feel Keith Thurman has got it in him anymore. I mean his last performance – I’m just trying to compare what Keith Thurman did against Josesito Lopez to what Manny Pacquiao did against Adrien Broner.”

“What would Manny Pacquiao have done to Josesito Lopez?

“I just think Keith doesn’t have it in him. I’m not sure what lifestyle he lives outside of the ring or whether being out of the ring so long has affected him.”

“We all know Manny is exciting and very hard to beat. Look how Manny dealt with Adrien Broner. He out-boxed him and made it look so easy. I swear Manny looks like a young fighter still. He also still fights like a young fighter. I think Keith Thurman is in for a lot of problems when they fight.”

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